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    Congratulations to revise our website successfully


    Dear friends:

      Thank you so much for the long time support. The trust from users is the foundation of our development. In the future, we will present more new product and service to satisfy our users.

      Mas(www.dogc.tw)has been improved in November 28, 2013. Now the website has a simple and clear interface which reflect the performance and parameter of products directly, you can know more about our improvement and service of products. Meanwhile we put all the Mas products in service, you can make a phone call to order any product. We will contact you within 8 hours to introduce the order information and confirm the order. All this progress is to service our users. More importantly, we take great efforts to adjust the service section of website construction. What is new is the commercialized revolution of website construction.

       We care more about what the customer needs and wants, try our best to help you initiatively. At the same time, we need your valuable suggestion and support. Please pay close attention to Mas woodworking machinery network(www.dogc.tw)


       Best wishes to our friends:

           Flourishing business and good fortune!