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    Automatic edge banding machine MDZ555R\MDZ550\MDZ540


        Design and build for performance durability

        Name brand quality component and parts used as standards ,including H.S TECHNOMOTOR , SCHNEIDER, DELTA, and others.

        Gluing and pre-cut unit
        Ensure uniform melting temperature.
        Higher speed with more cutting power for thicker and harder material (up to 3m/m)


        End trimming unit
        Advanced modular design with powerful and reliable technomotor.Achieve quality trimming even for shot and thick materials.

        Flush trimming unit
        For flush trimming the upper and low edge overhang  High speed TECHNOMOTOR with precision straight cutter(wheel)

        Profile trimming unit
        High speed TECHNOMOTOR with precision contour cutter (wheel)

        Scraper unit
        For smoothing trimmed edges to achieve an optimumappearance, equipped with R2 scraper knives for PVC and ABS of thickness 1-2mm.

        High speed motor
        Imported Italian TECHNOMOTOR for durability.

        Large Tefloncoated

        Heavy duty aluminum profile and wrap resistance structural design.


        Imported TECHNOMOTOR, HMI (human machine interface) user friendly PLC control.
        Strong operating system with diagnostic warning.

        Automatic edge banding machine

    Automatic edge banding machine  MDZ550R  

    Automatic edge banding machine  MDZ550  

    Automatic edge banding machine  MDZ540