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    CNC Band Saw MJ359.CNC

        Fully automatic processing greatly improves the efficiency and working quality, provided a firm foundation, allowing a smooth&faster production.
        Advanced CNC system, simple and easy control. Only with basic CAD knowledge, technicians operated the machine easily without the other software application.
        Machine constructed with high performance and high quality components.

        Bands saw blade +-90 degree rotate, tilting type blanking platform.

        Expandable clamping device.

        Wear-resistance bakelite working table prevented scratching from processing, position adjustable to accommodate different requirements.

        Roller pressing device, rectify part of jointed wood deformation for better accuracy processing.




        Wheel dia.&width


        Minimum cutting radius


        Saw width


        Saw length


        Saw tilting


        Saw wheel speed


        Cutting capacity


        Sawblade drive motor


        Dust exit

        Ф120x1  Ф100x3

        Air consumption    


        Net weight


        Overall dimensions



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