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    Automatic Copy Shaper MX71160/MX71180

        Recommend Brand-Name Products Of China National Forestry Machinery Association 

        Safety: Avoid operator’s hands close to the highly rotating cutter and minimize working accident during operation.

        Efficiency: Operator simply load unload working pieces, improve productivity and efficiency, reduce labor intensity.

        Environmental protection: United dust-collecting device provide nearly dust-free working environment and solve dust-collecting difficulty in normal shaper production.

        High speed cutters processing along presetmolds, accurate cutting. Dual spindles working at the same time, highly improving the efficiency. Free adjustable clamping devices, meeting different demands.

        Integrated control cabinet allowed one worker’s operating multi-machines with safety and stability, and wiped out the problem of manpower holding materials in traditional shaping process.

        On-line governor stage type speed control, working process program storageable, optimized working procedure.

        Disk structural clamping platform permitted synchc infeeding and outputting, shortened working process and achieved automatic copying process.



        MX71160     MX71180
         Available working diameter range      500-1600 mm      500-1800 mm
         Max. working thickness      130 mm      130 mm
         Working table size      1630 mm      1850 mm
         Main spindle dia      35 mm      35 mm
         Bearing dia      100 mm      100 mm
         Main spindle speed      8500 r/min      8500 r/min
         Main spindle power      7.5 kw x 2      7.5 kw x 2
         Working table power      2.2 kw      2.2 kw
         Working table speed      0.5-3 r/min      0.5-3 r/min
         Total power      17.2 kw      17.2 kw
         Dust exit      100x2  120x2      100x2  x120x2
         Air consumption      0.6 MPa      0.6MPa
         Net weight      3900 kg      4400 kg
         Overall dimensions      2610x2170x1925 mm      3110x2670x2425 mm