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    About New Mas


    Established in 1994, NEW MAS Woodworking Machinery & Equipment Co.,Ltd. Manufacturer for all kinds of woodworking machine, with260aof land and60,000m2of plant. A staff of more 30 technicians & engineers with great experience both in machine design inct and wood processing, more than 400 skilled workers and approximate 500 set quality manufacturing equipment including thirty advanced numeric control metal & sheet metal processing machines like laser cutting, vertical & horizontal machine center. Since 1994, we have produced more than 200,000 units various kinds of moulding machines and saws, and the informal statistics showed of theChinamarket “MAS” brand name has been recognized amongChinafurniture, woodworking as well as woodworking as well as woodworking machine. NEW MAS has made great contributions to develop furniture industry inChina.

    Comprehensive thinking, meeting all challenges aggressively

    With comprehensive thinking, continuous improvement & innovation, we have established a long-term collaboration platform with Technology Universities, working & researching on issues from field testing of new product, operator & safety training program…etc. It also provides powerful strength for technology research and development. We actively take part in communications and exhibitions, local and abroad, constantly improve technologies and workmanship, with fully marketing evaluation and know-how integration. NEW MAS has lain a solid foundation for sustainable development for years to come.


    Persist in technology innovation, aggressively introduce and apply domestic and international technology & know-how, formulate an improving through leading company culture.

    Under the leadership of Mr. Ma Bingqiang who emphasizes efficiency, superior quality as well as environment protection. We had build up an integrated manufacturing process by importing 17 CNC machines and 6 large milling machines. Thus, maximizing the stability & capability for better products & services.

    The backbone of NEW MAS  the HR assets. So far, the total number of technicians is 20% of all staff, and 30% of them have bachelor degrees. Moreover, we have a long-term partnership with many colleges and institutes to convert the know-how into production practice and service the market.

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